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Tracks Social Profits Review – Should You Buy It?

Tracks Social Profits Review

Should You Buy It?


Tracks Social Profits Review


About six months ago, I was browsing a forum where a bunch of software developers was bragging about their lists. Some of them were boasting 50,000, and even 100,000 subscribers on their email lists. As you know, these kind of email lists can make you millions of dollars over time.

So of course, I wanted to know how they were building their lists, and the answer was staring me right in the face. They were simply giving away their software and apps for free. Makes total sense, right! I mean giving away useless free reports is done to death, but giving away free software and apps is an entirely different story.

After years of struggling to build my own email list, I decided to come up with this unique list building method. And Tracks Social Profits is the powerful weapon that allows you to do just that. If you’re interested in it, follow my Tracks Social Profits Review for more information.

Tracks Social Profits Rating
  • 10/10
    Quality - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Features - 10/10
  • 9.5/10
    Support - 9.5/10
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    Easy To Use - 10/10
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    Bonus - 9/10


Tracks social is built in Adobe air and helps your users track their social signals BUT that is not what is unique about this software.

This software allows your buyers to give it away and build a viral list of subscribers on auto pilot.

Your buyers can rebrand the software, add in their own autoresponder code and their own advertising, and once anyone unlocks the software, the email is added to their autoresponder list and they also see their rebranding plus their advertising.

Tracks Social Profits Review – Overview

Vendor  Mark Lyford
Product Tracks Social Profits
Launch Date 2016-Oct-02
Front-End Price $7-$9
Sales Page https://trackssocialprofits.com/
Niche List Building
Bonus Yes
Refund YES, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend

What is Tracks Social Profits?

Tracks Social Profits is an AdobeAIR-based software that allows you to track your social signals and build viral lists of subscribers on complete autopilot. In particular, what this tool does is letting you rebrand it, insert your advertising, and add an autoresponder type. As anyone unlocks the tool, the autoresponder will automatically collect all the email addresses and add them to one single list. That is your viral lists of subscribers.

What are the Features of Tracks Social Profits?

Build Your Email List by Giving Away

Tracks Social Profits Review

With Track Social Profits, you have the power to generate your list by letting other people give away this app for free. When you grab it, you also get exclusive rights to other marketers who can then give it away to their website visitors, allowing you to collect email addresses from everyone who activates their copy of this app.

A Clever Built-In Advertising System

Tracks Social Profits

Tracks Social Profits has a built-in advertising system that allows you to rebrand and add your own banner and logo. The way to do Tracks Social Profits that is extremely simple with just a few clicks of the mouse. Users come to your products or affiliate offers, and they will unintentionally help you earn 100% passive income while you’re sleeping.

A Complete List Builder Packages

Tracks Social Profits Review

Inside the software, you also get a full collection of social track downloads from Adobe AIR files, unbranded social video, training video to squeeze pages and thank you pages. They’re given away with the software so that you can reach more visitors and potential clients than ever before. Note that this feature is only included in the OTO 2 LeadSpright. I will tell you what it is in the following of this Tracks Social Profits Review.

How does It Work?

Step 1: Go to the Dashboard and Select an Autoresponder Form

Step 2: Add your Banner and Logo to Rebrand

Step 3: Get your Unique Software and Start Giving It Away

For more details, please watch the below demo video of the Front-End version:

Or the PRO version:

Price and How to Buy It?

Front-End: Tracks Social Profits LITE ($7-$9)

OTO 1: Tracks Social Profits PRO ($17)

Tracks Social Profits Review

Extra features: Social Counts, Social Trends

OTO 2: LeadSpright ($67)

Tracks Social Profits

Extra features: Giveaway rights, list builder packages (Adobe AIR files, unbranded social videos, training video, squeeze pages, thank you pages).

OTO 3: TSP Pro Tier #1 Traffic ($97)

Tracks Social Profits Review

Get traffic to your landing pages by using a Sola Ad Service called Traffic Creation.

To purchase one the products, please visit the official sales page. Guide to buying is included inside.

Why Should You Buy It?

Firstly, this is a revolutionary list building secret. And if you’re struggling to get any subscribers, this is going to change the way you generate your list forever. In fact, it’s a simple technique that took me from zero to a list with thousands of subscribers in just a few weeks without free reports, landing pages, paid traffic, or even a domain name.

Secondly, think about the following question! Which do you think would grow your list faster? Giving away a crappy free report that nobody truly values or giving away a remarkable free software or app that people instantly understand? I choose the second solution.

Thirdly, this new method works perfectly. It helps you eliminates all the hard working, crazy costs, and instead, forces other people to build your list for you. Every time somebody entered the email address to use the app, they would be added to my list. By letting other marketers give away this tool to their audiences, you can quietly build a list faster than ever before and for free.

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I suck at list building. At least I did it until I discovered a neat little trick that has changed the way I build an email list forever. What I love the most about this method is that your list just keeps on growing virally and automatically, day after day. It’s working way better than I ever imagined.

What are you waiting? Grab Tracks Social Profits right now. The 30 Day-Money Back Guarantee allows you to refund if you feel unhappy while using the tool. No risk at all, right!

Thanks for reading my Tracks Social Profits Review. Bye!

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