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Sprint Social Review – A Fast and Easy Way To Sell Digital

Sprint Social Review

A Fast and Easy Way To Sell Digital



Hi. Imagine you could sell products online without the hassle of an ecommerce store, without ever needing a single visitor to come to your website and without having to pay a penny to market your product.

Sprint Social is a brand new concept.  It’s a WordPress plugin that generates payments links that can be dropped anywhere … on blog posts, in emails and all across social media.

Using these links, you can sell and deliver your product from ANYWHERE!

Imagine this scenario …

The owner of a popular Facebook page regularly posts new items from his offline store to his community.  Instead of asking if the product is in stock and how much it costs, interested buyers could simply click a payment link to purchase the item from a link on Facebook …. he could also share it on Twitter, Pinterest too or even in an email or on his blog, so buyers can purchase from anywhere and all this without an eCommerce store.

If you are curious about it, read my Sprint Social Review for more information.

Sprint Social Review – Overview

Vendor Tracey Meagher
Product Name Sprint Social
Launch Date 2016-Dec-16
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37-$57
Niche General
Bonus Yes

What Is Sprint Social?

Sprint Social is a WordPress plugin that provides a fast and easy way to sell digital or physical goods without an eCommerce store.It takes buyers directly to PayPal for payment* to make payment easy and  hassle free.

Sprint Social Review

It takes just 4 easy steps to get started:

  •     Download the Sprint Social plugin from the member dashboard.
  •     Install the plugin on a WordPress site. This takes 1 minute.
  •     Describe your product/service. Add product details, price, description, image.
  •     Share anywhere and start collecting payments!

Minutes from now you can start accepting payments without an eCommerce store with links that can easily go viral …The Best Part Is It’s 100% Automated & Secure

Your Files Are Immediately Delivered Securely To You Buyers Sprint Social will deliver digital files automatically after payment.  After payments, buyers are immediately taken to a page with a download link.  The download link is also sent via email.

Use Sprint Social‘s security feature to protect file downloads from unauthorized sharing by setting download timeouts by numbers, time period or IP address.

Sprint Social allows you to make the entire web (social media, blog posts, video, emails) your storefront.  It takes your product to where your buyers are, meaning no more driving yourself crazy trying to get visitors to your ecommerce store.

Sprint Social Review

Why Should You Buy It?

A fast and easy way to sell digital or physical goods without an eCommerce store

  •      Sprint Social Features Make Selling Products Without a Store Hassle Free:
  •     Unique link tracking across differnt platforms (Facebook/blog etc)
  •     Analytics to track performace of links across platforms
  •     Expire links when product is no longer available/sold out
  •     Automatically share new links on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest
  •     Custom shortcode for sharing payment links in blog posts
  •     Custom link url matches your own domain
  •     Customize text on download page with a unique customer message
  •     Customize email text & subject sent to buyers
  •     Search transaction and payments recieved
  •     Change price and links in the wild automatically update
  •     Download protection with custom security settings
  •     Provide custom message/instructions on download page

Sprint Social is a WordPress plugin.  You’ll need your own domain name with WordPress installed in order to be able to generate payment links.  (Your website does not have to be current/used/nicely designed.  It can simply be a place where create Sprint Social payment links.)

Let’s See the Sprint Social plugin takes buyers directly to PayPal for payment

Sprint Social Review


With Sprint Social, you don’t need a store.  The payment link it generates can be placed ANYWHERE.  Sprint Social will even automate sharing it on your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

Your products will be delivered securely to your buyers who can then engage with you in comments on your social media, blog or by email.

This kind of engagement gives massive social proof and encourages buyers to share your payment link, snowballing your payment link and landing even more eyeballs on your product.

See how it works and grab your copy during at the special discount price

Thank you very much for reading my Sprint Social Review. I hope to see your success.

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sprint social review

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