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Split Test Monkey Review – Should You Buy It?

Split Test Monkey Review

Should You Buy It?

Split Test Monkey Review


Getting a higher number of customers used to be a nightmare to me. Four years ago, when I was an affiliate marketer, raising the sites conversion rates was the most difficult task to me.

I did not know what I should have done to attract more visitors, and they barely seemed to be interested in my site either. I tried to change the design of each site, the words in each article I posted, and yet, nothing changed. The time I spent for testing all the sites was just so wasteful because the revenue kept decreasing. And I did not know what to do to improve that situation.

Lucky for me, I found Split Test Monkey Review soon after the first failing test. I knew about other testing tools before it, such as CrazyEgg, ClickTale, and Google Analytics, but I had never seen such useful product like it in my entire life. I remarkably enhanced my management skills and raised my revenue within only a month after using it.

So if you are having any problems just like I did, you can read on this Split Test Monkey Review because I am sure it is the most efficient solution ever.

Split Test Monkey Review – Overview

Vendor  Promote Labs Inc
Product Split Test Monkey
Launch Date 2016-Nov-01
Launch Time 00:01 EDT
Front-End Price $37
Sales Page Click here
Niche General

What is Split Test Monkey?

It is the newest program that you can use to create split tests and earn more money. More visitors will come to your site, and you will have a larger chance to convert them into your customers.

What are the great features of Split Test Monkey?

There are plenty fantastic functions that I would love to share with you in my Split Test Monkey Review today.

Creating a split test will no longer be a burden to you because this product can work on various tests at one time. Some other programs can help you build many A/B tests as well, but they usually get slower when conducting too many domains at the same time. With Split Test Monkey, it never happens. In 3 years of using it, I have never seen anytime it got frozen or crashed. This proves that it is designed with a high-speed and durable process system.

Moreover, it will assist you to manage your business much better. I did not have to do much after having it. What I had been doing every week is to think of what type of tests I should do and how to satisfy my customers’ demands. Split Test Monkey had taken care of everything else, which was gathering the data, analyzing them, and showing me what I should have done next. That is the reason why managing my sites is so much more comfortable than before.

And it also has an internal reporting tool, which updating the customers’ reaction and showing it to me every day. That is how I can have a deeper look into customers’ thinking and make the best decisions for my business.

How does it work?

I would also want to show you how you can use this product in my Split Test Monkey Review as well. Because it’s a little complicated with the buttons, you can follow my following simple steps to work better at the first time.

Step 1: Register, and choose “Create New” right at the controlling bar.

Step 2: Choose “A/B Dynamic Test” or “Split URL Test,” which are the types of test you want to create. If you want to test page elements, click “A/B Dynamic Test.” If you want to check the whole web page, “Split URL Test” is more appropriate. 

Step 3: Fill in the blanks including “Test Name,” “Min Total Conversions,” “Min Days,” and both “URL 1” and “URL 2.”

Step 4: Choose “Save and Publish” and a new test is created.

When you are done with all of these steps, then congratulations! You just create your own A/B test with Split Test Monkey.

Split Test Monkey Review

Prices and how to buy it?

And it is easy to buy this product. You only need to access Split Test Monkey sales page, click Buy Now, and pay 37 dollars. If you have a Paypal, Visa, or Master Card, there is nothing can prevent you from buying it now.

Furthermore, tons of splendid bonuses are waiting for you. As soon as you click on Buy Now, the product will immediately be sent in 24 hours along with a course “Split Testing Made Easy,” the key factors “The 6P’s of Conversion,” and a “Copywriting Crash Course” that will blow your mind. With only 37 bucks, I think these are beyond anybody’s expectation. I learned a lot and applied all of the pieces of knowledge after learning the courses. The results were surprising.

>>> Visit The Sales Page Now <<<

Why should you buy it?

And when I say ‘surprising’, I mean the significant number of revenue after using Split Test Monkey. I boosted it from 300 to more than 6000 per month, which was too much for a first-time-marketer. I was excited to see that result and had a much stronger belief in this product.

Besides, everybody can work with it because it does not require any special skills. You don’t need to have prior experiences with A/B testing and can still make considerable profits with this product. That is why it is for everyone.

So stop hesitating and buy it right now!

Lastly, thank you for reading my Split Test Monkey Review, and I hope that you will have the best decisions for your business in the future.

Split Test Monkey Review

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