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SecureDash Review – Protect Your Websites from Harms

SecureDash Review

1st & Only Dash To Secure All Your Sites From 10+ Threats

SecureDash Review

When hacking becomes popular than ever, online security has been a top priority of online businesses nowadays. Many marketers have thrown thousands of dollars buying expensive tools in hopes they can help build strong protection layers against hackers.

Given the overabundance of software, spyware and malfunction tools, it is hard to look for a comprehensive tool that can protect your website from all kinds of attacks. Well, that is not true until now!

Introducing SecureDash!

SecureDash is a digital dashboard that protects you from harms. Your websites are vulnerable to hackers who have all professional tools to help them do the job. SecureDash provides a reliable security program to help you fight against those hackers.

Why don’t you finish my SecureDash Review to dig deeper?

SecureDash Review – Overview

Product Creator Gaurab Borah
Product Name SecureDash
Launch Date 2018-Dec-13
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $47
Official Website CLICK HERE
Type of Product Software
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommended

What is it?

SecureDash is basically a security dashboard which combines up to 10 tools in 1. The main function of the system is to give you complete protection from spyware, botnets, hackers, viruses, Trojans and more.

SecureDash opens up solutions for those who are running on a tight budget. Instead of wasting hundreds, sometimes even thousands of bucks buying expensive tools and SaaS services, you can have it all with just SecureDash. Cut cost and protect more.

About the Creator – Gaurab Borah

Gaurab Borah, with the help of Satish Gaire and Tom Yevsiknov, has successfully developed this comprehensive system.

Just like all of you, Gaurab started from scratch and had to do everything on his own. Then one day, his website got hacked, which costs him thousands of bucks to recover. That event has encouraged him to develop a strong protection system named SecureDash.

It is time to prevent hackers from attacking your websites. Let’s move onto the next part of the SecureDash Review to find out more!

Feature Details

I did mention above that SecureDash is a combination of up to 10 different protection tools. Well, here is the list of those 10 tools. Each of them has different functions such as detecting, preventing hackers, alerting and more.

Tool 1: DDoS Monitoring: stop Botnets targeting you

Tool 2: Block MySQL Injections: eliminate cross-scripting

Tool 3: Stop Brute Force Password Hacking: protect your system from being hacked

Tool 4: Closes Down: to make sure your files are set with permissions

Tool 5: Foreign Ping Prevention: stop malicious agents from oversea hacking your website

In order to provide total protection, Gaurab also includes these 5 additional tools:

Tool 6: CrawlBot: Secure your site from crawlers

Tool 7: AutoFileMod: Scan your server and alert whenever there is a risky file permission

Tool 8: Malware scan: monitor malware

Tool 9: Virus Rank: detect and mitigate viruses

Tool 10: Watering hole attacks

Those are 10 powerful tools that work together to provide a strong layer of protection for your website. One tool may be easily broken but with 10 tools, you can rest assured that your website gets complete protection that hardly any hacker can attack.

And that is not all, here are something you should not miss at all:

  • Works on any website including e-commerce, landing pages, squeeze pages, blog, and podcast. Literally any website!
  • Activate in just 60 minutes
  • Work without any break whether you are on vacation or at work
  • Prevent attacks in real time

And the best part does not just stop right there, the package also comes with a commercial license which you can charge other website owners for the service.

We are all afraid of hackers. That is why others are willing to pay you thousands to get the protection system they want. SecureDash will detect threats and alert you immediately to stop the hacker in time.

How To Use It?

Now, i will show you exactly how SecureDash works exactly. This is the member’s area once you login.

Now, you need to copy paste the code on the member’s area into your website. It’s a kind of PHP script. On the front end account, you have 10 site licenses and if you buy Pro, you get unlimited licenses. After i copy paste PHP Script it on AM Review, this is what i see first.

It can auto detect IP that are trying to hack you.

Maybe they are garbage people or Bot, Malware, etc.

Within a few click, you can ban this garbage IP address.

Besides, it’s also a way to manage your site traffic.

Here’s what you can do to ban IP address, enter redirect URL or simply send message right here.

And that’s all you need to know before you buy SecureDash. In fact, it’s a must have product for every website’s owner.

Besides, you can watch my Demo Video to understand how SecureDash works clearly:

Who Should Use It?

If you are running an online business via a website, then you should definitely use SecureDash. No one is safe from hackers and protection is what we all should do to protect our business. You do not want to be in the situation that your website will be crushed suddenly and all of your profits just disappear.

Pros & Cons of SecureDash

Pros of SecureDash

  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Commercial License Included
  • Script Code Doesn’t Affect Page Loading
  • Auto Detect IP
  • 1 Click Ban IP Address
  • Used for Multiple Website Builder (WordPress, Shopify, Clickfunnels, etc)

Cons of SecureDash

  • Full Benefits is only for upgrades (unlimited licenses while FE just 10)

Personal Experience

There is possibly a misconception I would like to resolve here. The first one is that there is nothing to download when using SecureDash. SecureDash is to protect your website, not your device. All you do is to copy and paste the code to activate the system, then you are good to go.

SecureDash also opens up many chances to make more money with the license. You can easily make recurring money using SecureDash for your clients’ websites. Besides, the front-end is sold at only $47, the price that anyone can afford.

Funnels of SecureDash

All products have upsells and so does this one. But buying or not, the choice is still yours.

SecureDash has 1 Front-End & 3 Upsells:

Front-End – SecureDash ($27-$47) >>> See Detail <<<

Upsell 1 – SecureDash Pro ($67) >>> See Detail <<<

Upsell 2 – SecureDash Reseller ($197) >>> See Detail <<<

Upsell 3 – Secure UberGDPR ($47) >>> See Detail <<<


I highly recommend SecureDash for those who are running websites, especially WordPress site. By taking advantage of the system, you are strongly protected from all kinds of data loss, digital threats or even malware.

With a comprehensive backup and innovative security solution, SecureDash gives you the best security you have ever wanted.

This is also the end of my SecureDash Review. Thank you for following and I wish you nothing but the best!

SecureDash Review

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SecureDash Review

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