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Ranksnap Review – How to Create Backlinks Effortlessly

Ranksnap Review

Page #1 Rankings In A Snap With This Easy Automation Tool!


High ranking is always a hot topic for marketers. A high ranking means you can reach out to a huge number of people in a pretty short period of time. However, it is not always easy to get high rankings, especially when there are more and more people joining the niche.

That has led to the emergence of tools and software that help marketers boost ranking without wasting so much money and time. It is proven that using backlinks can definitely improve your rankings on the search engine. But creating backlinks is too tedious and time-consuming for us to do it manually. So what is the solution?

Introducing Ranksnap!

Ranksnap is a new product that can help you create backlinks. To put it simply, Ranksnap can do almost all the hard part and leave you with a few steps in the end.

Why are you still waiting and not jump right into my Ranksnap Review to find out how amazing it can be?

Let’s start now!

Ranksnap Review – Overview

Product Creator Tom Yevsikov
Product Name Ranksnap
Release Date 2018-Jul-10
Release Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $47
Type of Product Software
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Skill Level Needed No Skills Necessary

What is it?

I got it, so, let me show you!!!


Ranksnap is a done-for-you system which can build lots of backlinks automatically. For your information, backlinks are very important when it comes to your website’s ranking. If you want to get your business on the top of the niche, backlinks are what you should focus on.

In normal circumstances, you have to create backlinks manually to post content as well as links on blog posts, social media, profiles, and more. But now you do not have to do that anymore as Ranksnap will do all the hard work for you.

These are some advantages of Ranksnap that you should consider:

  • It is a lot cheaper than hiring an SEO freelancer to run it for you
  • You can create many different accounts to maximize effects
  • By using a shortcut technology, you can boost the backlink effectiveness by up to 5 five times.

About the Creator – Tom Yevsikov

Tom is an experienced marketer who has launched a lot of different products such as Freecom Blueprint, PinDrill, Viral Source and Smart Social. Tom’s products have always been on the best-selling products for a long time. One of the reasons why his products are favoured by a lot of people is that he always focuses on users and make sure his products accessible and affordable.

Now let’s find out more about Ranksnap in the next part of the Ranksnap Review.

Ranksnap Review – Feature Details

Ranksnap only takes a few minutes to set up a whole new project. All you do is to create a name, a description and you are good to go. Below are some types of posts that Ranksnap will build for you:

  • Status updates
  • Blog posts
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Bookmarks
  • USA citations
  • CA citations
  • UK citations

Please remember that Ranksnap does not create the whole list for you. You have to choose the one that fits the most. Once selected and created, Ranksnap will continue to create accounts to post content with links. See, you can save a lot of time.

How RankSnap Helps you Rank Content?

How To Use It?

What makes RankSnap different from most backlink software is that they can automatically create account for you, you don’t need to create yourself. But if you want to create manually, yes, you can do this.

1. Create Account

These are free social networks account. They can auto create account based on your details provided in RankSnap like email.

Ranksnap Review


As you can see from here, there’s a lot services RankSnap integrates with and of course, they are your major social sharing, social signals and bookmarking.

In order to create account, just simply tick social accounts and click Create Account Automatically.

Then you just need to wait. Remember, this process will save you a lot time and energy. After they do the whole process for you, you will see this.

2. Create Campaign

After creating social accounts for backlink,it’s time to create your own campaign. In order to make it work,you need to provide your own custom URL.

RankSnap has integration with spinning service, this helps you avoid spamming and duplicating content.

Click Create New to create your new campaign.

What we need to do next is to enter details for your campaign. As you can see here, it has Duration for your own specific campaign, this can guarantee to avoid using spam backlink.

We should create backlink very slow, if you create multiple backlink simultaneously by duplicating content, Google will penalize you.

There are 3 spinning services this app work with and they are all recurring services. Besides, if you don’t intend to add spinning services, it’s still OK to use Create Article features. The best stuff is, it is spinable, this can avoid spamming for you.

After that, click next and you will see this.

Right now, you need to draw your maps before saving campaign. And as you can see here, campaigns are created based on your details and maps.

3. Link Manager

After you creating campaign using RankSnap, you can view them by seeing their profile.

Click any profile, then you will see your backlink detailed, it’s super fast and simple.

And that’s all you need to know about RankSnap before buying. In fact, it’s a great product that helps you rank video or blog post on Google and Youtube with safe link building.

If You Still Feel Confused With Ranksnap, You Can Watch The Demo Video Below:

Who Should Use It?

I would recommend Ranksnap for anyone who is struggling with traffic and ranking. It does not have to be someone with a lot of experience. Ranksnap also comes with an introduction video that helps marketers navigate what to do in the right orders.

If you have made up your mind, why not act now? Let’s get it and enjoy the benefit.


In this part of the Ranksnap Review, I am going to give you a few reasons why Ranksnap would be helpful to you. Let’s check out:

First of all, Ranksnap makes SEO a whole lot easier for you. It requires no budget, no ads, no spinners, nothing. All you need is the platform and just it.

Second of all, the backlinks created by Ranksnap is permanent backlink which can work for years.

After all the reasons I mentioned above, have you made up your mind?

Price: Front-End & OTO

RankSnap has 1 Front-End and 4 OTO’s:

Front-End – RankSnap ($37-$47) >>> See Detail <<<

OTO 1 – RankSnap Pro ($47) >>> See Detail <<<

OTO 2 – RankSnap Citation Builder ($47) >>> See Detail <<<

OTO 3 – RankSnap Content Creator ($37) >>> See Detail <<<

OTO 4 – RankSnap Elite Monthly ($47/Month) >>> See Detail <<<


For $47, you can get a front-end version with a lot of amazing features. However, I suggest you consider the Pro version as it comes with even more astounding features. It is worth the investment, isn’t it?

Ranksnap is a comprehensive platform that offers a great service to marketers. Using Ranksnap, you would not have to invest any penny to get it started.

It is time to say goodbye. I wish you success! Thanks for reading my Ranksnap Review!

Ranksnap Review

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Ranksnap Review

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