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Pseudo Live Stream Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Pseudo Live Stream Review

Why Should You Buy It?

Pseudo Live Stream Review


The current estimated projection for all Internet traffic in 2017 is 75% video & live streaming!!! Clearly that is where the eyeballs are and you need to have a plan to get in front of where everyone is focused on.

Fact: People spend THREE TIMES longer watching live video than regular video.


Because there is a sense of intimacy that you don’t get with recorded video and that brings a TON of engagement. People right now are scatter brained. They have so many different forms of media in front of them all day. When it comes to live video. they are paying attention. On th etop of this Facebook currently prioritizes live video heavily over all other content.

Have you ever noticed live videos always seem to be a the top of your newsfeed?

That’s not by mistake. It is done by design. Facebook’s algorithm treats live video with more urgency which gets you in front of more people. This literally helps you go viral. Not only are you being shown to those viewing but your live streams get recommended to their friends. This is the easiest way to get in front of people for free in the most effective manner right now.

You get shown on average twice as much than other types of content with a ton of engagement. The bottom line is people care when you are live. You need to be aware of the importance of live streaming. The difference between video and live streaming for the end user is that people no longer want to just watch videos. They want to be participants! That is where the tremendous ROI comes with live video.

For more particular, please take a look at my Pseudo Live Stream Review. Interesting information is waiting for you.

Pseudo Live Stream Review – Overview

Vendor James Renouf
Product Name Pseudo Live Stream
Launch Date 2016-Dec-13
Launch Time 12:00 EST
Front-End Price $9
Official Website Click here
Niche General

What is Pseudo Live Stream?

Today we turn live streaming on its head. We make it so much more effective and easier than it already is! Here are our “what ifs…”

  • What if you could do Facebook live without having to be actually live?
  • What if you could do Facebook live without even having to be in front of the camera?
  • And What if you could do a Facebook live to a group or a fanpage without actually being live and without having to be in front of the camera?

With Our Pseudo Live System You Can…

  • You can go live straight from your desktop.
  • You don’t need a cell phone or mobile device.
    Go Live Stress Free – Many people understand the power of live video but are not comfortable going live or being on camera.
  • With this you can take your time and get your “live” video the way you exactly want it at your pace and on your schedule by making prerecorded videos that appear to be live.

Pseudo Live Stream

Reasons Convincing You To Buy This Product

Webinars & Screencast Trainings (even Demos)

  • Want to sell with FB live? You will certainly be able to do that with my Pseudo Live System.
  • Interact with your customers like never before. Now instead of being live and being distracted / missing the comments coming in you can be chatting with your people live while your video is playing for you. Your prospects think you are super engaging.
  • You can focus your attention on them rather than doing two things at once!


Within seconds you can be live streaming from your desktop to a group, fan page or news feed.

Get your “live” video the way you want it.. ahead of time.

Thanks for reading my Pseudo Live Stream Review.

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Pseudo Live Stream Review

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