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Pimpr Review – Best Review & 73% Discount

Pimpr Review

Pimpr Review

Have you ever had the intention creating any digital product to make profit from it? If yes then you may know that creating such a product is definitely not easy at all. You have an amazing idea and want to turn them into reality but you are getting sick and tired of failing a thousand time.

If the description below is exactly what happened to you then you have come to the right place. I am going to introduce to you a practical way to profit from a product without creating it. Why don’t you check it out in my Pimpr Review?

Pimpr Review – Overview

Vendor: Mark Bishop et al

Product: Pimpr

Launch Date: 2017-Mar-02

Launch Time: 10:00 EST

Front-End Price: $7 – $10

Niche: General

What is Pimpr?

Pimpr is simply a case study showing the way Trevor Carr has turned a $5 Private Label Rights (PLR) product into $8,694.99. Pimpr is suitable for those who has (PLR) products on hard drive that could be used to make profit.

What are the great features of Pimpr?

This part of the Pimpr Review is going to introduce what Pimpr will bring to you:

  • Access to Pimpr Member
  • Access to Facebook Mastermind group where there are many experienced marketers sharing their ideas.
  • Pimpr Blueprint
  • One Income plan
  • Case study to make $5 into $ 8694.99
  • Guiding video

How Does It Work?

There are two steps for you to put Pimpr into practice:

Step 1: Scrape the dust out of the nasty PLR product

Step 2: Just follow the step that Trevor has offered to you and do exactly what he did. Real money is just a matter of time.

Price and How To Buy It?

Above are the prices for each type of Pimpr. I feel I must warn you that if you ever have any intention to buy this package then quickly. If you buy it quickly, chances of you getting exclusive bonus are very high.

Here are the bonus and it is limited, so you’d better hurry!

Bonus 1: Exclusive Pimpr Action Plan: equal to $27

Bonus 2: Pimpr Resource List: $17

This bonus may help you use the Pimpr method effectively and properly.

Bonus 3: Pimpr Outsourcing Secret: $47

This bonus can speed up the method above. In this bonus package, Trevor also shares his Outsourcing tip he has just learn from experienced marketers.
Bonus 4: Free traffic secret: $97

This is one of the bonus I like the most. With it you can build a free traffic strategy to increase your sales from $5 to $8,694.99. Isn’t that amazing?

Why Should You Buy It?

Newbie friendly

With a huge return it brings, you may think this package will be very hard to use. Not at all. This package is designed “newbie friendly”. So anyone from amateur to professional, from scratch or from any certain level all can use it easily. Just follow the step and do exactly what Trevor has done, you will get the same result as he did.

Huge returns

Wow, this is my favourite point in this Pimpr Review. Can you believe it? Making money from some useless PLR which is equal to $5 into a huge profit of $8,694.99. Finishing a few simple steps, wait, and then BUM, your profit jumps to a much bigger number. I couldn’t even believe it.

Step-by-step Formula

The formula is designed to be extremely easy to follow. You will not have to struggle with figuring out what to do in the next step. Every detail has been noted down and you just have to follow.

Additional income daily

Trevor has also includes an income plan. You can use this plan to improve your profit and gradually become financial savvy in just a period of time. Just a few dollars and you will receive these huge packages, it is really a pity if you miss the chance of buying this product.

30 days money back guarantee

Trevor is so confident in his product that he even gives you a 30 days money back guarantee. In some rare cases, if this product does not work, you can always send them an email asking for a refund and no more other question. What are you still waiting for?


The whole package includes a practical case study which is applicable and realistic. There is completely no theory knowledge or lecture in these parts. I’m pretty sure you will proceed very fast if you have this wonderful companion by your side.


All in all, with Pimpr, making money is not so hard like it used to be. You should definitely try this to maximum your profit, and in case it doesn’t work, you can always give it back and no more question at all. It doesn’t lose you anything. Thanks for reading my Pimpr Review and I will see you soon!

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