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Old School New Body Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Old School New Body Review

Why Should You Buy It?


Old Schoold New Body Review


Have you ever looked into the mirror and wished to be back at the age of 20?

That was my dream about a year ago, the 50th birthday. Somehow, the years elapsed so fast with a career, the kids, and I just did not realize I was in middle-aged period. A tiny waist and an S-line body, which used to be the most attractive parts of my body over 30 years ago, then looked just like great bread stuffed with meat. After two children, I guess that was what I needed to accept. And I’m sure many of mothers or middle-aged women, including you, are sharing the same circumstance just like me.

However, I did not lose hope. As an entrepreneur, I had a habit of making my wish come true. Therefore, I tried to look for some useful training programs online to change my body. And fortunately, I found Old School New Body. I was really surprised to see the name, and when I read its advertisement, I knew exactly it was the product I needed. So I purchased it, and the result was ultimately astonishing. I not only lost weight and had a better health but also returned to the old shape.

That is why I cannot keep it to myself and write this Old School New Body Review, after a year of giving much effort. Whatever you are thinking in your mind, such as “Great! I’ll try,” or “This is probably just crap,” just keep reading to see if I’m telling a lie.

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Old School, New Body Is WRONG For You IF:

– You think “simple” means “no hard work”. Dream on. Every workout and nutrition plan requires work. We’ve just made it as easy as possible.
– You don’t want to change the way you are eating. We cover some very simple, basic dietary changes that you will need to make to see results come extra fast. These are essential, especially if you need to lose weight. – Nothing radical, but still…you will not be eating burgers and fries every day and wake up with the body of your dreams.
– You refuse to do any resistance training. We prefer the gym, but you can do Old School, New Body’s F4X Protocol at home. You will STILL need to use resistance: we tell you how to create “weights” you can use at home or, better yet, some adjustable dumbbells and a bench (not required, but we prefer it.) A gym is your best bet.
– You think, “I’m too old to do this.” Listen: you are NOT too old. Period! We’ve seen men and women in there 80s kicking butt on this System, so get that out of your head!
– Or, you are just one of those folks who will buy the book and then let it sit on your desktop and never read it. Please, don’t waste your money if that’s the case. However, if that IS the case, just realize you’re only going to get more and more out of shape…and perhaps even sick…unless you do something about your body, starting today.

Who is the trainer of this program?

Old School New Body Review

Steve Holman is a dedicated man. He has been the chief editor of Iron Man Magazine for over 25 years. So it’s not so hard to understand that he has written hundreds of articles and books about weight-loss, nutrition, and fitness. This training program was created from all of his knowledge during writing time. His wife, Becky Holman, was an excellent example of the success of the system he made. And perhaps, you will be too.

What is Old School New Body?

This is simply a series of exercises and diets that you can use to lose weight and transform your body into the right shape you want. And they all give result in just a short time.

The main content of Old School New Body

You will receive 3 phases in this program, and I would like to show all of them in my Old School New Body Review today.

The first one is “The Lean.” You will learn how to lose weight in this section without wasting 4 hours a day at the gym. It’s precisely for us, the ones who are busy with our lives. There is only a plan for meals and 4 exercises in this phase, each of which takes about 30 minutes. And the great thing is you just need to work them out 3 times a week. It’s the littlest time you need for a perfect weight. I did what Steve showed me correctly, and the changes in my body could be immediately realized after three weeks. It’s so wonderful, isn’t it?

After you have lost your weight, Phase 2: “The Shape” would be the next one. You will step in the process of shaping your muscles. A higher level of lifting style and nutrition will be revealed, and you will be surprised at how efficient they are. It includes the four exercises in the previous phase but with a harder intensity. More calories will be burnt, and more muscles will appear on your body. And the most fantastic feature is that you will discover a combination of your meals and exercises; then, take advantage of it to consume all of your fat even when you are asleep. I tried it, and it always felt so fresh and healthy every morning when I woke up. I believe you will have the same feeling when you have it.

And the last one is Phase 3, which is about “The Build.” It is only for people who want to have huge muscles all over their body. I have to admit that it takes the hardest work among three phases due to a requirement of 4 exercising times per week. Of course, I did not want to look like a weightlifting athlete, so I only took this process occasionally, when I had enough time.

But there is one important thing you have to remember that you don’t have to go through all of these phases. It depends on your choice. If you only want to lose some pounds, take the first one and work it out every week. And if you desire more beautiful body, you can keep jumping to the next ones. It’s totally up to you.

Who needs to join it?

This program is, particularly for middle-aged men and women. However, if you are at the 20s or even 60s, you can join still join it. The young can avoid a future full of illnesses by taking the diets and exercises right now. And the 60s, 70s, or 80s can work it out to strengthen their health condition. It takes only about 30 minutes per time, so there will be not many difficulties. Don’t worry!

Prices and how to buy it?

And I’m so happy that you have come to this part of my Old School New Body Review. It proves that you have almost prepared for a better health and body shape.

Buying this program is very comfortable. Just get into Old School New Body official site and click “Buy Now.” The phases will be delivered to you through email after some hours. Prepare a Visa, Paypal, or Master Card because it will help you purchase the program faster.

Why should you buy it?

After about six months of continuously practicing and maintaining the diet system, my body was perfectly shaped just like I wanted. It did not look so much different from me when I was 20, which made me really excited. My husband was very surprised at what I could do and decided to try the program as well to improve his overall health. I had been keeping the intensity ever since, which was over a year until now.

Therefore, if you are afraid of any risks of future diseases or just want to have a beautiful body, this is the program you need to take.


Thank you for reading my Old School New Body Review today. And don’t hesitate anymore. Click Buy Now and shape your body.

Old School New Body Review

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