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Monkey Playr Review – Should You Buy It?

Monkey Playr Review

Should You Buy It?

Monkey Playr Review

As far as you concern, YouTube is the biggest video channel on the Internet at the present. The number of videos updated on YouTube each day is countless with different kinds of contents, from film, comedy, to marketing videos. It is the fact that, when people are in need of video, YouTube is the first address comes to their mind.

We all know the trend of marketing right now is using video. Video plays an important role in the success of a marketing campaign. Your responsibility is to find fertile land where you can have suitable videos for your marketing. That place not unfamiliar, it is YouTube. However, to make your video more unique and flexible to convince audiences is my responsibility in this article. I will help you do this job easily. I am glad to introduce you Monkey Playr – an awesome product for you, for me and all of us.

Monkey Playr Review – Overview

Product Creator John Steenbekkers
Product Name Monkey Playr
Launch Date 2017-May-17
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $37
Niche Video
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What is Monkey Playr?

Before I tell you about it, let we check out some problems that we are struggling. As you know, some videos on YouTube have logo of YouTube on it. This makes your videos become less unique. Another problem is that it takes you much time to cut down the length of video in case you only need a specific section. Solving these problems is the key targets of Monkey Playr.

Monkey Playr allows you to add any video from YouTube to your website or blog with all the cool features. It can work perfectly with any YouTube video. You can save hundreds, possibly thousands each year on video hosting fees by combining the power of YouTube with the tech smarts of Monkey Playr because this product says no with hosting fees. Monkey Playr has the ability to set the precise width & height of your video player, set your video player to full responsive mode, disable any dropdown or video information boxes, disable all annotations and disable full-screen playback & player control. Now, let find out key features of Monkey Playr.

Monkey Playr Features

  1.  Start & Stop Timer

This feature of Monkey Playr can allow you to save a ton of time. Why? Instead of using other software to cut your video according to your need, now you can make it directly on Monkey Playr with some clicks. You can use Monkey Playr to set the video’s start and end times. You can show your visitors the whole video or just a specific section. It is totally your decision.

  1. Autoplay Videos

When audiences access your website or your blog which is attached to videos, they don’t need to click on start button anymore because your video will be run automatically as soon as they log in. It seems crazy but extremely true that some people are lazy to click mouse on your video because they don’t want to watch it anymore. But if your video runs and runs, at least some information will be loaded into their mind naturally. This feature is great for sales letters & opt-in pages where you need conversion rates the most.

  1.  Unbranded Player

As I said above, if you want your video more unique, it is essential to remove YouTube brand on each video. If you want a simple, clean and unbranded player, the ‘Modest Branding’ option of Monkey Playr will remove the YouTube logo from the player. No one knows that you are using videos of YouTube for your campaign.

  1.  Loop Your Videos

One advanced feature of Monkey Playr that I want to introduce to you is video looping. What does it mean? With Monkey Playr, you can choose to loop the playback of any video or video playlist. Or you can also choose to disable related videos if needed.

  1. HTTPS & Forced HD

Apart from above-mentioned features, Monkey Playr also allows you to serve any video on your site with the added extra security of HTTPS and force 720/1080 HD, so all videos look great.

Why Should You Buy Monkey Playr?

  1. Edit Players Centrally

This feature will be convenient for marketers who work on multiple sites because they can control their video from central dashboard. Once a change is made, you can also change videos “remotely” across multiple sites. You have not to change for each particular site. Monkey Playr makes one change for all.

  1. For HTML & WordPress

You can use Monkey Playr on any website including HTML & PHP sites.  It also works well on WordPress. Don’t worry about the environment to run it, let think about what video you should use to get high conversion rate.

  1. Nothing  To Install

Monkey Playr is a web based service, so you don’t have to waste time to install it anymore. Just with an Internet connection, you can start using it right away.

  1. No Video Hosting Fees

Monkey Playr brings you a product which is 100% free and reliable. Why you must spend a ton of dollar on purchasing expensive copyrights while Monkey Playr is available with no hosting fee. Take full advantages of YouTube to benefit your bottom line freely. Why not?


I introduced you fully about Monkey Playr. What do you think about it? Is it amazing? Monkey Playr can work well with different website pages such as Shopify, LeadPages, Bootstrap, and so on. It is all things that I want to talk about Monkey Playr. I think that you have your decision after reading my Monkey Playr Review. I am looking forward to seeing your success. Thank you.

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