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Profit Renegade Review – Should You Buy It?

Profit Renegade Review

Should You Buy It?

Hi guys! This is a surprise! One hour ago, I wrote a review post about Joshua Zamora’s new product – XRanker
360 and now, I am writing the Profit Renegade review. Aha! It is so interesting, right?
However, X­Ranker 360 is a video marketing tool while Profit Renegade is a generating LEADS tool so why
don’t we try to learn about this software to know whether it is useful for our business (I am a business
owner, too)?
Let’s get started!

Profit Renegade Rating
  • 10/10
    Quality - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Features - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Support - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Easy To Use - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Bonus - 9/10

Profit Renegade Review – Overview

Creator: Joshua Zamora
Product: Profit Renegade
Launch Date: 2016­Oct­17
Price: $47
Sales Page:
Bonus: Open a library of huge bonuses here!
Niche: Software
Support: 24/7
Verdict: 100% Legit!
Look! Profit Renegade is created by an experienced author – Joshua Zamora. He always creates the
perfect products like X­Ranker 360, Video Rankr, Samurai Video Bootcamp, Tube Sniper Pro 3.0,
SocialRobot and so on.
You can easily see that Joshua is very successful in his industry. Most of his products is supported a lot by
thousands of customers and Profit Renegade is not an exception.
So what is exact Profit Renegade?

Profitt Renegade Review – What is Profit Renegade?

Profit Renegade is the brand new software that allows users to send shockwaves through the inter webs
and cash in big checks in every market and all they have to do is follow three simple steps:
1. Finding
2. Contacting
3. Profiting big time in their local niche or any area they would like
Profit Renegade is the 2 generation of “Mobile Renegade” which was released in 2012. However, Profit
Renegade is created with the aim to expand the market when Mobile Renegade is for the mobile market.
Using this software helps you solve the struggling to generate buyer leads, get more traffic and build your
passive income online.

What are The Key Features of Profit Renegade?

In this Profit Renegade review, I will list the most outstanding features of this software.
Fully Automated: Get 1,000’s of fresh, responsive leads at the push of a button
International Targeting: Profit Renengade will allow you to automatically find leads in the top countries
Clean, filter, scrub and cherry pick the freshest, targeted and qualified leads.
There is no more wasting time on the stale leads that doesn’t need your services. Find the clients that
are hungry to pay you.
Advanced grid controls that allow you to sort, clean and filter your leads in few seconds.
Export Your Leads in CSV format to send to VA’s or phone rooms
Import your records to contact and follow up to better mine your leads.
Built­in Proxy support for power users

Profit Renegade Review – How Does It Work?

There are four main parts inside Profit Renegade: General Setting, Keywords/Locations, Proxy Setup and
USA Database.
General setting
You can customize the basic settings there. Choose a service to scrape leads from, set the number of
threads and more. With the Keywords/Locations, Services and Pages Deep, all the options can be changed
without stopping and restarting the software.
Safe Button works with all services and plugins. Click that to use pre­set options proven to give you the
opportunity to scrape without needing proxies or requiring the TOR Bridge Plugin.
You just need to type a keyword and click “<Add” or hit ENTER on your keyboard.
USA Database
Type the search form then click “SEARCH”.
After the search is complete, use the button(s) below to remove duplicates and add all found cities into the
location area.
Area Code
Zip Code

When you choose your selection, the database tool merges, sorts, removes duplicates and then adds them
to the location area for processing.
Proxy Setup
Load proxies and user­agent strings (Browser ID’s) below.
Click on the appropriate Tab and then Right click in the white box for loading options.
Besides, you can watch the demo video below to get the understanding easier.

Why Should You Use It?

I can only say “Amazing” about Profit Renegade because after watching the whole demo video, I give a
question that I make sure I know the answer “Why is it so perfect?”
With Profit Renegade, you can totally:

Pick from any niche and target location
Find and filter through the hottest leads
Generate $1,000­-$3,000 passive income checks like clockwork!
When you have the power to generate an unlimited amount of leads, collecting 1,000­3,000 checks
becomes almost effortless.
And when using Profit Renegade, you will no longer worry about having leads again.
Moreover, you will receive a lot of bonuses that Joshua gives when buying Profit Renegade and of course, I
have a library of huge bonuses for you.
>>>Click here to see it right now!<<<
Are you so excited?
Please try Profit Renegade today and start seeing your business change in the first day of use.
Click on the button below to make the payment!
Thank you for reading my Profit Renegade review and bye you!

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