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GIPHplayer Review – Discover How You Can Leverage GIFs To Get More Traffic

GIPHplayer Review

How You Can Leverage GIFs To Get More Traffic, Leads and Sales!

GIPHplayer Review


Currently, like most marketers, you are probably facing problems, which are costing you an arm and a leg for traffic, leads, and sales. These obstacles may result from you not using any GIF player. This GIPHplayer Review will thus provide an insight into a buzzing software tool to leverage the GIFs to boost the conversion. This simple tool adds the GIF files directly to any webpage and engages the viewers’ experience to that site.

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GIPHplayer Review – Overview

Vendor Andrew Darius
Product Name GIPHplayer
Launch Date 2017-Mar-31
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $27
Niche Software
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What is GIPHplayer?

GIPHplayer is a comprehensive software tool leveraging GIF images to massively increase viral traffic prospect reach and conversion. With GIPHplayer, users can simply copy and paste one line of code on to the website. It also allows us to like, share and even auto stop the GIF animations. And the best thing about GIPHplayer is that it works for all platforms. Whether it is a blog, website, or eCommerce store, the GIFs run flawlessly.

GIPHplayer allows every visitor who watches a GIF animation on the site to potentially virally spread that GIF to all their connections on social networks. GIPHplayer also supports massive clicks for email. People these days really enjoy watching a few loops of GIF and share them. And GIPHplayer puts this trend in mind and gives us exactly what we want. Let my GIPHplayer Review articulate more on the impressive features of this software.

What are the great features of GIPHplayer?

Fully control and customize the look and feel

GIPHplayer empowers users to regulate the viewing and interaction experience on their website. You can choose the late animation start, easily set GIF to auto stop after the set time, allow the viewers to start and stop GIF playback, select player skin. And the best part is that you can take advantage of the social sharing feature to virally spread the GIFs.

Also, you can set custom height and width of your GIFs, or set them to display in full responsive mode. As a result, the GIFs automatically look great on any device. You can also control what the viewers can see and when they can see that. All these things can be done with just a click of your mouse.

Pause GIFs and show GIFs after full loading

This feature is important in case you have several GIFs on the same page. It prevents the viewers’ experience from the nightmare with all the GIFs running at the same time. Additionally, GIPHplayer starts GIF animation after the browser finishes the file download. GIPHplayer even allows you to set a custom image thumbnail visible when the GIF file is loading.

Auto stop GIF

Forever-looping animations may become a distraction for people who try to focus on reading the page content. GIPHplayer solves that endless gif-looping problem by giving you the option to set the animations an auto stop. And it also allows the viewers the ability to resume and pause the loop as well.

Play GIFs your own sites, other sites, or cloud services

Whether it is your own blog or other’s pages, or Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon, GIPHplayer can work smoothly. It gives you the ability to make the best out of GIF animations, and multiply the conversion. In other words, GIPHplayer gives a broad range of choices for the landing page of the GIF animations.

Other premium features

GIPHplayer has amazing premium features, which pro marketers use to boost viral traffic. These features include advanced social sharing options, timed content below a video, clickable call-to-action, watermark, and custom GIF thumbnail. They together act as a powerful conversion booster for any kind of GIF. For this reason, I had no choice but to mark it as 10/10 in my GIPHplayer Review.

How Does It Work?

Login – Get access to the dashboard

Create – Make a new GIF player

Save – Embed the GIF link to the website

Watch GIPHplayer in action in this demo video

Prices & How to Buy It?

GIPHplayer is now available at the front-end price of $27. And for those who think it’s a cheap price, please note that it will increase the price after launch. So if you want to enjoy the early bird discount, secure your slot HERE.

GIPHplayer supports online payment and ensures the security of your payment to the fullest extent. Once you grab the product, GIPHplayer will verify your account. And from that time on, you are free to use GIPHplayer and exploit all of its features.

GIPHplayer also comes with 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so there should not be any worry about your payment. This software is a risk-free one-time investment for all-time return on investment.

GIPHplayer Review

Why Should You Buy It?

It helps to set you apart from the competition

With GIPHplayer, you can instantly spike up your personal or business brand. And as my GIPHplayer Review already stated, this tool allows the fullest control and customization on the GIFs. It helps you to get ready to hit the ground running every time you want. With all the extensive features, GIPHplayer ensures there is no way your competitors’ website can catch up with yours.

It’s a cloud service

There is nothing to install or configure. All you have to do is copy and paste one single line of code to your website where you want the GIF to show. This software is thus super easy to use. And it, of course, does not require any technical knowledge. It works for almost every existing website builder software.

It’s a lot more than just a powerful GIF player

GIPHplayer does a lot more than just give you a link to post on your website. It also offers many features that facilitate the viewers’ interaction. Specifically, with the call-to-action, social sharing buttons, etc., GIPHplayer ensures the maximum engagement from the target audience.


GIPHplayer seems to set a new bar for leveraging GIFs quickly and easily. GIPHplayer will change the way marketers utilize the GIFs for a massive return on investment. It also gives the users a robust advantage over their competition. This GIPHplayer Review hopefully provides useful information on this comprehensive GIF player software. If you are looking for a tool that helps to get more viral traffic prospect, reach, and sales conversion, GIPHplayer is a perfect choice.

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GIPHplayer Review

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