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Flexy AI Review – Best Review, Discount & Special Bonuses

Flexy AI Review

Best Review, Discount & Special Bonuses


flexycoverTo online marketers, websites are vital and irreplaceable to their business. Not only websites help marketers to earn massive amounts of traffic without the need of a third party but also they can be freely modified to promote the products more efficiently. However, building a website is not a really comfortable experience for us.

Usually, we must hire a programmer to work for us. But this option is really expensive considering the monthly wages we must pay. Another disadvantage is that our programmers may not good so they can not build our sites exactly like what we want. You may also build your websites by yourselves; the only problem is that you must work with thousands of complex lines of code.

Fortunately, the situation has changed with a new platform called Flexy AI. It uses the latest AI technology to build your sites. The best part is that it works automatically according to your voice. Now, let see how it will solve all of your struggle in my Flexy AI Review!

Flexy AI Review – Overview

Product Creator Simon Warner
Product Name Flexy AI
Launch Date 2017-Aug-4
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $197
Niche Software
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What is Flexy AI?

Flexy AI is an online web-builder platform that works on complete autopilot. By using Google machine learning algorithms as well as advanced AI technology, the platform is capable of creating your whole websites in a few minutes. It is totally newbie-friendly since you interact directly with the software with your voice. Furthermore, you won’t need to touch a single line of code because Flexy AI can convert your sites to text files for using elsewhere.

What Are The Features Of Flexy AI?

Advanced AI Technology

Most of the large companies have used AI to build their websites for years. However, this is the first time you can access this convenient and powerful technology at an affordable cost. AI works much more efficient than human, so your sites will have a crazily high conversion rate.

Voice Command

This is my favorite feature of the platform since I won’t even need to touch my keyboard and mouse. My share of work is simply to describe how I want my sites look, and Flexy AI will give me exactly what I desire.

Traffic Tester

In the past, you must run your websites to test whether they are attractive to your users. By the time you reach ideal designs, you have wasted much traffic. Flexy AI solves this problem by allowing you to test how effective your sites are before they come online with more than 91% accuracy rate.

Exportation to Code File

You may want to use your sites somewhere else; that is not an issue with Flexy AI because it can convert the whole site to a single short file of code without your intervention.

Localization of Contents

The platform can identify the physical locations of visitors; then, it automatically changes the languages of your pages to one at that location.

Three Way to Make Your Sites

Not only you can freely customize each element in your sites but also you can choose the method to build them. You can make sites from scratch to suit your taste the best, or you can use available templates, you can also import other sites to replicate them for your sites.

3D Presenter

There are animated avatars that will appear in your sites, and tell the products to your customers. This is a good way to increase conversion rate since people love listening.

How Does It Work?

Before Flexy AI gives you a beautiful site, you must complete these tasks:

  • Step 1: Log in your Flexy AI accounts
  • Step 2: Choose the methods to create your sites ( building from scratch, making from available templates or copying other sites)
  • Step 3: Give the voice command to the AI
  • Step 4: Test your sites, if they pass the test, publish your sites and enjoy the traffic

To know about details of how to adjust each element, please check this video:

Why Should You Buy It?

It Brings Innovation, Convenience, and Efficiency to Your Business

Every traditional web-builder method requires a lot of work and effort from you. You may have to write lengthy code or make numerous physical action in creating your websites. Now, you won’t need to use your hands anymore since you can command the AI of Flexy AI to do your work. Due to the use new technology, your sites will be guaranteed with success.

You is Powerful but Cheaper than Alternative Methods

The normal web-builder software can cost hundreds of dollar each. Hiring a programmer is more satisfying but is also significantly more expensive. On the other hand, Flexy AI is not only capable of doing anything you want, but also cheap at the price of only $197 for the highest version.

Price and How to Buy It?

These are the options for you to consider:

Front-end: Flexy ($47-$67/ lifetime): You can make 100 projects with unlimited usage of all Flexy technology

OTO 1: Flexy Jet Pack ($27/ month or $97/a year) >>> See Detail <<<

You will receive 10 additional avatars each month; you will also have the capabilities of live chatting with your visitors, and make Youtube videos more profitable with Flexy Social. The number of projects is not limited, and you can sell the platform to 10 other users.

OTO 2: Agency and Commercial Rights ($197/lifetime) >>> See Detail <<<

You can sell the platform to anyone and export your websites to code files.

For more information, please visit the official website:

Flexy AI Review

Pros & Cons


  • Making website on complete autopilot
  • Advanced AI
  • 3d avatars


  • Can not use with a sore throat


In the modern era, technology has improved our life drastically. That is the reason why we should find the most advanced way to complete our job. I believe Flexy AI is one of them. With its AI and machine learning tech, you can design and make lucrative sites in the most comfortable and effortless way as possible

I have used shown you everything; now it’s your choice. Hope you can enjoy it as I did. Thanks for reading my Flexy AI Review!

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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Flexy AI Review

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