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FB Live Engagenator Review – Why Should You Buy It?

FB Live Engagenator Review

Should I Get It?

fb live engagenator review


Hi, guys! Danny Trinh’s here!

Since August 2015, Facebook had launched their new feature called Facebook Live Stream. For nearly a year from the debut day, Facebook Live Stream has steadily upgraded a lot from iOS platform to Android platform, from time-limited videos to nonstop videos.

Facebook Live allows us to connect with our family, friends, fans and followers by sharing real-time videos of what we’re saying and what we’re doing.

What about unreal-time videos, I mean pre-recorded videos. Can we live stream them to Facebook? The answer is YES with a unique software called FB Live Engagenator.

Today, in this FB Live Engagenator Review, I will show you all of the great features of this tool. Hope you enjoy it!

What is FB Live Engagenator?

FB Live Engagenator is a new and cool software that allows you to live stream pre-recorded videos on your computer to your Facebook Timeline. Basically, you can record anything you like and directly play it on your own Timeline within minutes.

FB Live Engagenator Rating
  • 10/10
    Quality - 10/10
  • 9.5/10
    Features - 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Support - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Easy To Use - 9/10


FB Live Engagenator is the easiest to use, most reliable and cost effective Facebook TIMELINE Live Streaming Software that generates enhanced exposure and longer time in our news feeds!

– Anyone who loves Sharing Videos on Facebook.
– Any FB advertising Agency.
– Social Media Managers.
– Facebook Page Admins.
– Internet Marketers.
– Podcasters.
– Anyone wanting Viral Videos.
– Anyone with a facebook account.

FB Live Engagenator – Overview

Vendor  Craig Crawford
Product  FB Live Engagenator
Release Date 2016-07-29
Release Time 9:00 EDT
Front-End Price $27
Official Website http://fbliveengagenator.com
Niche Software

FB Live Engagenator is unique, and in fact, it’s the only software on the market at this moment that allows us to live broadcast existing videos to either Facebook Timeline, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups.

FB Live Engagenator is appropriate to everyone. Whether you are an internet marketing who want to promote your product or a famous single who want to interact with your fans or just a normal guy who want to share interesting moments with your friends.

The soft also brings to you dozens of benefits. To know what they are, continue to read my FB Live Engagenator Review.

Features of FB LIVE Engagenator

Live Stream with every Video Content on Your Computer

Of course! This is the most important feature of FB Live Engagenator. The soft doesn’t care what your video is about and how long it is. It just makes an existing video become a real-time video and make you become a real-time speaker on viewer’s Timeline.

Allow You to Edit the Video before Live It

In fact, the soft is not a video editor. But what it bring to use is making pre-recorded videos become live ones. By using a specific video editor, you can drop some animation into your video to make it look more professional and attractive. You can put a logo behind you so there’s more brand awareness. You can add “Likes” button jumping in front of you to remind people to press Like, etc.

Allow a Thumbnail to Preview

A good thumbnail is necessary because this is exactly what viewers will see first in their Timeline, so it’s great to put a Call To Actions or anything that’s going to grab attention from viewers. The soft let you do it and do it very well.

How Does It Work?

The soft is designed to work well with three simple steps:

  1. Load Your Videos

After opening the soft, you enter your Facebook Login and Password. Then load any video that you have on your hard driver. This will be the video you’re going to stream.

  1. Add Title and Description

Fill video posting detail including the title, and description. The title can only be up to 195 characters, if you put any more characters, the software will stop and not publish your live video. The description is what comes up above the video, so if you want to put a link in there then make sure that it’s at the top so that people can get to see it clearly.

  1. Add Delay Time and Preview Thumbnail

You can enable or disable the Delay Time button. My advice is activating it because when you broadcast from your computer to Facebook, there is a time delay between the video starting and when it goes live. To eliminate this time, you should set a delay (about 10 seconds).

Finally, add a preview thumbnail, then click “Process”, the software will render your video and post it to your Timeline.

FB Live Engagenator Demo to Timeline and Groups

Why Should You Buy It?

The soft is helpful for many different reasons. Firstly, Facebook is the most convincing evidence about how strong the social is. If you show a video in your newsfeed in real time, it will give you more exposure because people will get more awareness about who you are, what you’re selling… In addition, people can share it so you even get more exposure.

Secondly, as human we all make mistakes and make mistakes onlive is a horrible thing. We’re worried about how kind of foolish we’re going to look. With FB Live Engagenator, we feel more comfortable when standing in front of the camera.


I’m going to end up my FB Live Engagenator Review right now. But before I stop, I want to confirm that this tool is a perfect Facebook live stream software. It’s the simplest, the most powerful and the most cost effective.

Thank you for reading my review. Bye!




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