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Email Prospecting Blitz Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Email Prospecting Blitz Review

Why Should You Buy It?

email prospecting blitz review


We HATED cold calling and lived in fear of doing it. We didn’t have money to run expensive direct mail campaigns.
Face-to-face selling was time consuming and extremely frustrating. So we turned to the only option left. Cold email.

We followed the so-called experts advice and used software to scrape email addresses and send out emails pitching our services.


We didn’t get ANY new clients. In fact, almost no one responded to our emails!

We started asking other local marketers what success they’ve had with cold email and to our surprise most of them were in the same boat as us.

Our ‘Million Dollar Discovery’:

After testing the standard approach to cold email prospecting, we discovered what most offline marketers are doing… just doesn’t work.

So, we figured “nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?”, We:

  • Dug into EVERY nook and cranny of Cold Email Prospecting.
  • Researched what was working for anyone –  NOT just offline marketers
  • Tested and observed results (our own and others)
  • Refined our approach to make it easier and faster
  • Continue to fine tune and test RIGHT UP TO THIS LAUNCH, so nothing is outdated!

Imagine The POWER you’ll Have when you can literally land clients at will. Imagine the respect you’ll get from family and friends once they see with their own eyes how your client base grows.
Imagine the bigger, more robust income you’ll enjoy month after month as new clients come onboard.

For more information about it, check out my Email Prospecting Blitz Review.

Email Prospecting Blitz Review – Overview

Vendor Tom Gaddis
Product Name Email Prospecting Blitz
Launch Date 2016-Dec-16
Launch Time 8:00 EST
Front-End Price $17-$21
Niche General

What is Email Prospecting Blitz?

While most offline marketers are struggling to land clients by cold calling, expensive direct mail, and time consuming face-to-face selling.

We’ve been using our secret email prospecting system to turn cold prospects in to Paying clients like clockwork.
Aloha, Our names are Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte. We’re full-time offline consultants in Maui Hawaii. Providing marketing services to local businesses allows us both to live pretty sweet lives.

But before you get jealous, let me share a secret with you. When we first started we struggled getting clients.

Inside Our Step-By-Step New Training:

Why Most People Fail At Cold Email Prospecting

Writing Cold Emails That Get Results

  •  Fundamentals
  • Writing Subject Lines That Get Emails Opened
  • Cold Email Formula
  • Screencast Technique
  • Cold Email for Landing Bigger Companies
  • Generating Direct and Indirect Referrals
  • How to Follow-up Like a Pro
  • Finding Potential Prospects

How to Handle Common Responses

  • Can You Send Us More Information?
  • Can You Follow up later?
  • What Do You Charge?
  • Who Have You Worked With?
  • Handling Prospects That Don’t Respond
  • A Real $589 Training Value

How To Buy It?

If you have a Visa, Paypal, or Master Card, you can buy it right now. All you have to do is accessing to Email Prospecting Blitz sales page and click Buy Now. Let’s purchase it!

Email Prospecting Blitz Review

Why Should You Buy It?

We’re throwing this in because when you combine the fundamentals from our bonuses with Email Prospecting Blitz you have everything you need!

Everything Is Delivered In A Professional Members Area

You get instant lifetime access to Email Prospecting Blitz. It’s all broken down step-by-step so you know EXACTLY what to do. With this training you’ll bypass all the newbie mistakes and wasted dollars. We’re giving you a proven system that delivers.

Email Prospecting Blitz works because it was made by Offline Consultants for Offline Consultants!


New to Offline or Experienced

We Want to Make Sure You Succeed

Whether you are just starting out or you’re established and already working with local businesses, ANYONE can do this…

But, to make absolutely sure you have success we’ve laid everything out in easy to follow video training. Plus you get access to us via email if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading my Email Prospecting Blitz Review. Bye!

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Email Prospecting Blitz Review

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