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eCompare 2 Review – Convince Your Leads To Buy In 3 Steps

eCompare 2 Review

Convince Your Leads To Buy In 3 Steps

eCompare 2 Review

You just need to spend 5 minutes for this eCompare 2 Review and you will say WOW with what it is capable of.

Normally, every online seller try to improve their number of orders by increasing the traffic amount with SEO, social media and backlink; building a catching funnel but they forget to see from the customer angle.

eCompare 2 provides a method based on customer behavior and make them click the buy button.

Everyone wants to get the best price, therefore, this product provides a comparison tool for customers to see the prices in different platforms. It also helps you set a suitable price to attract leads. After considering, your customer will convert. Moreover, with many add-in tools and tracks, it helps you manage and control your business easily.

The eCom is flourishing on its own way with the huge support from technology and you have the opportunity to dig into this gold mine.

Let’s find out!

eCompare 2 Rating
  • 9/10
    Quality - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Features - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Easy To Use - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Bonus - 8.5/10



– Simple and newbie friendly
– Easy to set up and monetize instantly
– Provide the analytics and tracking stats
– Evergreen product for affiliate industry
– No restriction on products

Quick Overview of eCompare 2

Product Creator Mark Bishop
Product Name eCompare 2
Launch Date 2019-Mar-04
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $22
Niche Software
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommended

What is eCompare 2?

eCompare 2 is a digital product which focuses on price comparing. It touches the customer thought and increases the buying incentives. With integrated platforms in affiliate stores and other retailing sites, the system has complete information for users to buy. Moreover, it helps you monitor your products and control customer data,

eCompare 2 is a tool for selling not building, therefore, it also increases the visibility of similar products to maximize visitor time at your site. The longer they stay, the more likely they convert and buy your products.

Continue reading my eCompare 2 Review to explore this product!

About the creator of eCompare 2

Mark Bishop, along with his teammates, has been a frequent and reputable vendor for a long time. You may hear his name from the products such as VidioJack, VSource and VidSkippy. His products are usually high-quality and large software, receiving favorable comments from online entrepreneurs.

Next part of my eCompare 2 Review, we will have the opportunity to understand the entire system and features of eCompare 2.

Key Features and Benefits of eCompare 2

  • Integrate 7 platforms in eCom

eCompare 2 has 7 platforms integrated with API. These are top shopping platforms: Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, BestBuy, Shop.com, CDiscount, and eBay. It helps you build your eCom store with listing content, images, and product reviews.

  • Global affiliate link embedded across the sites

You can embed your affiliate links to multiple sites and promote your products everywhere. It increases the visibility and exposure of your product. Moreover, your links are approached with a larger amount of traffic. Conclusively, your commission increases across sites even if the buyers come from foreign countries.

  • Video Tutorials to set up your store

eCompare 2 provides the training videos to teach you step by step of building your store. You can build and customize your eStore to get the most out of eCompare 2. This part covers the basic process for newbies to start to monetize instantly with this product.

  • Build store from keyword

This system helps you create your store from a desired keyword. This feature is to build the affiliate stores for each niche. The store you build also has the live search and the price comparison tool.

  • Price comparison among different sites

The price of other stores or sites also displays to help your customers compare and see which price is suitable for you. Along with other customer services, you can win buyers with both a competitive price and comfortable services.

  • Wishlist creation for customers

eCompare 2 allows customers to create wishlists to save the products they are considering. This feature helps you collect more leads and make more sales.

  • Price drop alert to your list

If the price drops, the system will send your customer the email to notify them. You can set up your campaign to send the notified emails to your subscribers.

  • 90 days cookie to grab your commissions

eCompare 2 has a 90-day cookie, in which as long as your customer click to buy within 90 days, you still get the commission for the product you promote. With other tools, you will only get money if they buy instantly from your link. But with this tool, you won’t lose your lead and your money leaking anymore.

  • Built-in blog SEO

eCompare 2 has the ability to add the blog content to your site. The content increases the authority and power of your site, convincing the visitors to buy and convert.

  • Customer reviews

The reviews of the customers can be set up to display in reviews. It shows more social proof on your site. It’s also about the customer behaviors and it optimizes your site authority.

  • Amazon one link

This feature tracks the customer location and then it will bounce back to display a suitable product list for that customer based on the geographical location. Therefore, you can boost your sales with geo-targeting.

How to Use eCompare 2?

Within 3 steps in this eCompare 2 Review, you can push the customer to complete a deal and you get the cash up front.

eCompare 2 Review

Step 1: Create a eCompare store with listing content, images, and reviews, etc

Step 2: Let the visitors go through the price comparison and they will convert

Step 3: Collect your commission

Who Should Use eCompare 2?

It’s clearly a product for all-level users because it doesn’t require much knowledge and coding skills. However, to be a successful affiliate, I suggest you research your product carefully to get the profitable ticket with high commission.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple and newbie friendly
  • Easy to set up and monetize instantly
  • Provide the analytics and tracking stats
  • Evergreen product for affiliate industry
  • No restriction on products


Price will go up on a dime sale

Price and Evaluation

The starting price for eCompare 2 is only $22 but it will increase soon when the launching officially starts. I think it’s not a high price, especially with an affiliate, it provides a complete solution for both store monitoring and product promoting. I think it’s useful to look into the upgrades because of many valuable bonuses and features when the extra charge isn’t high:

eCompare 2 Pro: $37

Unlimited use (Install on multiple sites/domains)

3 Additional Store Themes

FB Compatible theme – (can be added as FB tab)

Built-in Content spinner

Add your own review videos to listings

Email lead collection with multiple triggers

eCompare 2 Master : $47

Set up and sell eCompare stores to customers

Set up stores for clients

Build Stores and Flip them for Big Money

Include eCompare package on all sites you sell to others or flipp

Flipping for Big Money (Video)

eCompare 2 Agency: $77

In Conclusion,

Thank you for 5 minutes on this eCompare 2 Review. I hope this review can answer all your questions related to this product. Frankly, it still has so many other features but I think it’s better to explore by yourself. Considering the whole system, eCompare 2 is a reasonably-priced and worth trying. The tools inside are so useful and practical for affiliate eCom.

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eCompare 2 Review

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eCompare 2 Review

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  1. Good day:
    I am contacting you to get your professional assessment as to which Affiliate Store program I should purchase and implement. As you appear to market most, if not all of the available programs I am coming to you as the expert.
    The ones I have found that seem to be well developed, most advanced and feature rich are:
    1) CompareShop
    2) eCommerce 2.0
    3) EzYstore
    4) AlterStores
    5) SuperStore
    6) Storez
    Are there any others you might recommend that would be better choices or of the ones listed do you feel is the best product. As each has OTOs, I would also purchase some to make the store most productive. I assume that some of the above have much better OTO addons.
    Thanks in advance for any input you could provide me in selecting the best product package.
    Bill Shambrook

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