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ClickFunnels Review 2019 – Build Your Sales Channels Easily and Quickly

ClickFunnels Review

Build Your First Funnel For Free Right Now

Clickfunnels Review

Online sales channels are an ideal and cost-effective channel for new business ideas starting with little capital. It is so, but you know, in a potential environment, but if you don’t know how to exploit it properly, the effect will not be high and the results you get may be zero. So, how to sell online effectively? How to realize your business idea to the path of success? The answer to this case is “Want to sell online effectively, sell properly!”

It’s time for you to change yourself and your business campaign in online transactions and transactions. And to help you sell online effectively, earn thousands of dollars every month, today I will share with you a tool to help you earn thousands of dollars every month. It is using ClickFunnels.

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ClickFunnels Rating
  • 9.5/10
    Quality - 9.5/10
  • 10/10
    Features - 10/10
  • 9.5/10
    Easy To Use - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Price - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Bonus - 9/10


What I Like

– Very easy to use
– Comes built in with lots of features, and more get added all the time
– Has a great affiliate program
– Easy way to share, copy and duplicate funnels

What I Don’t Like

– High monthly costs
– No 24 hour chat support
– Limits on the amount of funnels and visitors

ClickFunnels Review – Overview

Product Creator Russell Brunson
Product Name ClickFunnels
ClickFunnels Trial CLICK HERE
Niche Software / Marketing & Sales
Price $97/month (basic) or $297/month (actionetics)
Bonus + Discount Yes, Get Your Bonus Here
Skill Level Needed No Skills Necessary
Training Yes
Refund 14 Days Free Trial + 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommended

What is ClickFunnels about?

Russell Brunson was the one who created the ClickFunnels. He and his members created ClickFunnels in 2014 and developed it successfully until now. Some successes of ClickFunnels like:

It is a $100 million business every year.

From August 2018, it reached 65.00 active members

As far as I know, ClickFunnels is powerful software that helps you build the most profitable sales channels.

ClickFunnels will help you build:

  • Landing pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • Webinars
  • Membership sites
  • And all the channels you want

In addition, ClickFunnels will provide everything to sell marketing or sell products online. You will no longer have to spend millions of dollars to hire your developer.

You can see marketers are using ClickFunnels to succeed.

I have followed the 2 Comma Club website ( https://2commaclub.com/the-members ) and know that there are nearly 300 businesses that use ClickFunnels that have earned a profit of 1 million.

This is really a great sound!

Outstanding Features and Benefits of ClickFunnels

We check the most outstanding features that ClickFunnels brings:

Feature 1: Design rich funnel model

Have you ever had trouble creating an effective sales channel? I think the answer is yes. With ClickFunnels you will be provided with pre-created channel templates with 22 different funnel types. They were applied to his business and achieved more than expected.

There are 3 main types of channels: Sales channel, event channel, main catch channel. You can also create some other special channels like Member channel.

In addition, there are some simple channels like Squeeze channel. This channel will help you get the customer’s email address and then send your customers to the thank you page after they sign up.

Do you know? Each channel has its own paid sample beetles and free sample set. Therefore, you will have to be professionally designed without designing skills.

Here’s how you can get your own channel:

  • Step 1: Choose the type and type of funnel
  • Step 2: Edit the page to suit your needs
  • Step 3: Add your product to the sales page
  • Step 4: Set the domain name and start making money with the channel you just created

Feature 2: Simple editor

ClickFunnels not only provides you with great funnel templates, but it also gives you a great editor

This is where you can edit and create sales channels so they fit your business.

With drag and drop feature, it will help you work faster and more efficiently. As I know, all pages include the number of rows and columns so you can use the drag and drop feature to work more efficiently and save time.

ClickFunnels also includes a very intuitive editor. This is exactly what I like the most.

You can edit online and change any word through the sidebar. Everything will be organized in the most reasonable way for you to save time.

All of these jobs require labelling. So you don’t need to spend money on the learning curve about HTML, CSS or other skills.

Feature 3: The page element is well selected

One of the things that help your website appeal to customers is the factor. This is the reason that ClickFunnels offers you a collection of elements for you to use.

The collection includes many outstanding elements like text, buttons, titles, forms, images and more.

In addition, it includes a number of guest elements such as

  • SMS Signup
  • Surveys
  • Pricing Tables
  • Progress Bars
  • Facebook Comments
  • FAQ Blocks
  • Countdown Timers
  • Custom HTML

Moreover, you will be provided with membership elements, order form elements.

You can customize these elements in the editor bar like changing background colours, fonts, backgrounds, font sizes and more.

Feature 4: Excellent affiliate program of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels includes legal links for you to create more commissions than ever before

Here are some links that you can join:

Every time you introduce a successful link, you will receive 40% from ClickFunnels affiliate program. When your success share is up to 100 times, you will receive $ 500. This is really an attractive bonus for you.

In particular, you also receive 5% commission to call for the participation of people in the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

When you advertise products in the ClickFunnels ecosystem such as expert secrets, confidential DotCom or books on software secrets, you will receive 40% commission when you have purchased from the link you share.

In addition, ClickFunnels has some other great features that are shared channels

This means that when visitors click on the URL you just shared, if they are a member of the Funnels channel, they add this channel to their account. If they are not a member of ClickFunnels, they will be registered for free ClickFunnels for 14 days.

How to Use ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels works all in the cloud so it works quite simply.

Step 1: Sell funnel according to your wishes

Select the channel you want to include campaigns:

  • Launched
  • Build member list
  • Sales service or product

Step 2: Design page

There will be a collection of beautiful designs to choose from. You can use it directly or edit it according to your needs.

Step 3: Edit the page with Editor Etison

You just need to click and drop to work with this editor. You can replace colors, images and everything.

Who Should Use ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is really a powerful tool in creating the most profitable sales channels. If you are a beginner, I think this is the perfect software for you. You will earn a profit right after installing ClickFunnels.

If you are using complicated funnel creation software, you won’t want to use it when you try ClickFunnels. Although it has many functions, everything is working in the cloud, so it will become much simpler.

I am really to counter this product strongly if you are:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Local affiliate marketers
  • Owners of online businesses
  • Beginner
  • Business
  • CPA marketer
  • Bloggers
  • And more

In short, I found ClickFunnels for everyone who wants to make money online.

Pros and Cons


In addition to the great features that I listed above, ClickFunnels also brings many advantages for users like:

  • 24/7 support

In my experience, I found their support different. Although it takes a few hours to get support from them, you will be satisfied with the answers they bring.

If you want faster support, you can use the Facebook group’s support in ClickFunnels. With the support of more than 1000 members within the group, you will get an answer within minutes with this support team.

  • No separate domain name needed

You do not need to create a domain name to start launching your channel. If you don’t have a domain name, your link will look like this http://username.clickfunnels.com.

But I am happy to inform you that ClickFunnels will buy you a domain name. You do not need to pay any fee because it is for you free.

  • Become an affiliate to make money with ClickFunnels

You can become an affiliate to make money faster with ClickFunnels. I am also a branch of ClickFunnels. Although I’m not the leading branch in ClickFunnels, I still make a huge amount of money with it and I hope this number will double in 2019.

  • The track in a simple control panel

You can control every action taking place in a control panel. It will help you save time and effort


No one product is perfect. ClickFunnels also have some disadvantages during use.

  • Add channels too slow

You will need 7 – 8 seconds to add a channel to your account. I don’t understand why this work has been happening so long. It is a minor inconvenience, but it can also be a nuisance for you.

  • The channels you create are limited

With the cheapest package, you can only create 20 channels, 100 pages and 20,000 visitors. But if you only build your own channel, this disadvantage has no problem for you.

  • Need a learning curve

ClickFunnels bring a lot of features to you and its scope of work is better. If you are a beginner, you will have to work hard and work seriously with it.

Why Should You Buy It?

As you can see from the above sections that I have just shared with you, ClickFunnels is really great software for you.

With ClickFunnels, you can create the highest converting sales channels.

In addition to these great channels, you can also create Optin channels to build email lists and increase potential customers.

In addition, you can create webinars with Clickfunnels. It will help you develop your brand of sale and increase sales.

And you can use ClickFunnels to create member sites. Here, people can only view your premium content when you become your member.

Price and Evaluation

I think you are curious about the price of this software. Yes, the cheapest price for ClickFunnels package is $97 / month. With this package, you will have access to all of their channel creation tools. But you will be limited to creating channels. With this package, you can only create 100 pages, 20 channels and 20,000 visitors. You will not be able to access Actionetic.

To be able to access Actionetic, you must purchase the Etison Suite package. This package will provide everything for you to get the highest profit. Moreover, you are also provided with channels with extremely powerful conversions.

ClickFunnels has no coupon codes. However, you can Funnel Hack ($997) to have access to the Etison Suite within 6 months. With this form of payment, you can save a considerable amount of money.

In addition, you can receive a lot of valuable bonuses when buying this product. You can visit their sales page for more information about prices and its upgrades.

ClickFunnels Pricing

My Final Thoughts

As I see it, ClickFunnels is all you need to make money online fastest. If you ignore this product, you won’t be able to find any great software like this.

I am happy to inform you that you will be guaranteed a 100% amount. In other words, you will be able to try ClickFunnels within 14 days. If during the process of use, you do not receive the expected results, you will be refunded 100% of the previous amount without answering any questions.

It’s time to finish my ClickFunnels Review. I hope this review today will give you more information about ClickFunnels. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I will answer you as soon as you read it. I hope you will make the wisest decision for yourself.

Please buy this product in my link below to get the lowest price and the most valuable bonus.

Please act and make a profit with ClickFunnels now!

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