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Bullet Response Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Bullet Response Review

The Most Advanced & Easy to Use Facebook Autoresponder Bot


Hello everyone,

The topic of today is “Facebook”.

I think that this topic is concerned by many people, especially, internet marketers and online businesses.


Facebook is one of the world’s biggest social networks websites. Every day, there are thousands even millions of registered members and tons of the traffic.

See the huge profits from this social network; many business owners build their brands on it. They create the fan pages or groups and post their products or services to sell.

That is exactly why a lot of tools and apps designed to support the activities on Facebook.

I will give you a software which can reply automatically to anyone who sends the message to you.

This chatbot is perfect for busy people who is not online frequently. It is called Bullet Response.

We learn more about this fantastic tool in the next part of my Bullet Response review.

Bullet Response Review – Overview

Product Creator Ankur Shukla
Product Name Bullet Response FB FanPage Bot
Release Date 2016-05-29
Release Time 10:00 EDT
Price $27
Sales Page http://bulletresponse.com
Niche Software

What is Bullet Response?

Bullet Response is the most advanced chatbot software that adds a live, intelligent, active chatbot on your fan pages that closes sales, builds a list and gets you more leads.

Whether you are an online business, a local business or someone with just a fan page you own.

This chatbot will automatically reply to anyone that messages you.

Provide them with helpful information by text replies or images and even send them links to place their order.

Video Demo

Fascinating Features of Bullet Response

  • Instant replies within seconds

Bullet Response will answer the customer’s messages quickly whenever they send to your fan page. It makes your customers pleased so you can take their money and put into your pocket while you go out with your friends.

  • Reply with text, image or links

This chatbot can reply the messages with text, image or link so if your customer requires anything, Bullet response can provide them entirely.

  • BulletBrain – learns from users

Bullet Response can collect the new information which users often mention and add them to the library of the messages.

Automatic replies to unlimited fans/users

Bullet Response can reply to hundreds of the fans/users’ messages at the same time. With the super fast speed, you never make your customers wait for your response.

  • Build a list of subscribers

This software allows you to create a list of subscribers whenever someone replies to your fan page and Bullet Response save them to the list.

  • Mass Message all your users in 1-click

I have never seen any chatbot which sends the messages to all users as fast as Bullet Response.

  • Store user info like name, photo, region & gender

This feature is quite interesting because you can capture the primary information of every user including their names, photos, region, and gender. This help you divide them into the different groups.

The Bullet Response is how you will use Facebook’s latest chatbot technology to close more sales, get more leads and build an active list on 100% autopilot.

Why Should You Buy It?

I like Bullet Response because it can help my online business a lot. Sometimes, I must go out for the personal purposes, or I am busy in writing the content for my blogs.

If you have a fan page on Facebook, you should buy Bullet Response because it is like a “staff” who can help you to answer every question of fans.

I see that Bullet Response is better than email marketing because your users will get a message right on their phone and can reply back with questions and get instant replies from the chatbot.

Imagine someone finds your page on Facebook, He hits the message or chat button and shoots you a question.

But, you’re away on vacation or busy in a meeting at work.

Even then, he gets an instant reply – automatically from your Facebook ChatBot.

The potential customer asks a few more questions and gets all the information instantly about your product or service.

Right after that, he even gets the link to the to the sales page or the order button and places the order right inside the chat window.

And all this happens on 100% autopilot, without any customer service agent or you typing a single word.

Bullet Response is the smart new way to interact with your fans. This software will automatically close sales for you and convert visitors into leads.

All you need to do is set Bullet Response up takes under five minutes then enter a few keywords for the chatbot to react to and their responses. It’s very easy to use.

Now, I don’t find any mistake in Bullet Response, and I think that it is worth to buy.

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Google, Amazon & Apple already use something similar and have increased the reach & sales by 100 times over, and now you have such a great tool.

Don’t hesitate! Grab your Bullet Response right now!

Thank you for reading my Bullet Response review!

The price is rising during this one-off 4-day product offering and that means the price you see below now is the lowest it will ever be.

And remember, it’s 100% guaranteed so you’ve nothing to lose.

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  1. I’d like to purchase bullet response from you link but would like to know, Does bullet response also have optin forms we can add on our sites and have prospects subscribe from our sites?

  2. Danny, I bought Bullet Response and the PRO2 upgrade but its not activating and I am getting no response from the owners.
    Any idea why?


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