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Best Foreign Web Hosting Services Ever!

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First of all, this review is not for anyone who is looking for a Vietnamese Website Hosting Service ( WHS ). Because only some of the best foreign WHS that are tested and recomended for a long time as well as excellent feedbacks from the international comunity.  Now, let’s get this started!

Which Hosting should we use ?

Currently, there are many foreign hosting providers, but the best hosting provider is not much and also not everyone knows. When i first struggling on my way of MMO ( Make Money Online ), i got a lot of advice.That  Mr. A said that this hosting was good, but Mr. B said the other one was better made me confused at which one to use. Many criteria are built to evaluate whether this hosting is good or not and after a long time making money online, searching for hostings, i found that a good hosting must have fast loading speed, stability, high security, professional customer support and certainly suitable with the purpose of each people. And now, let’s check these hostings together!

1. WP Engine

WP Engine Hosting

This service is leading on top of best hosting services in the world. Must say that at the moment, WP Engine is probably the best hosting with the fastest speed and wonderful security. Most especially, WP Engine prevents hackers from attacking your website so that you can totally trust this service. After  2 months of using, this magical hosting has really impressed and convinced me!

So are there any cons of this?

Yes, high security brings a bit inconvenience and it took me a whole day to handle this. It’s quite annoy when WP limits some plugins that use many server sources while using.  Furthermore, the cost of using WP is not cheap at all or another way to say is the most expensive hosting i’ve ever known, even if the cheapest one is $29/month. Hence, if your website needs a huge number of visitors, WP is perfect for you and it might not suitable for the newbie.

2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

This service is also listed in “5 star rank”. All hosting providers support their clients with the SSD disk. What makes A2 Hosting become so different is that that disk can boost and remember the data 200% more than others. The SSH support help users move their website more simpler. A2 Hosting can also be registerd by Paypal without Visa and ID.

Nevertheless, the limitation of CPU is low, so i couldn’t access my website during rush hours. The support preference of A2 Hosting , according to me, is not so effective, the Live Chat doesn’t work 24/7 (however they will support as soon as possible). Last but not least, the price is quite expensive with the cheapest shared cost is $8/month.

3. Stable Host

Stable host

Stable Host – a familliar brand to most Vietnamese Webmasters. You will find it extremely stable using this hosting. The services of Stable Host, especially Shared service, are unlimited apart from the space of use. However, sometimes the website might be slow when the access to the web is overloaded ( i used to have 503 backend error ).  The Shared service is only suitable for those medium and small webs and blogs. Change to bigger ones for more comfortable in use. The Stable Host support simple, convinient payment via Paypal, Visa without ID. And it has not many discount coupons.

4. SiteGround

SiteGround Hosting

Siteground is also one of the mose best foreign WHS at present with a fast and remain unchanged loading speed, even better than Stable Host. SiteGround uses some very modern tools in order to have the quality of security compared to A2 Hosting and WP Engine. When you log in the Cpanel, you can get through the media encryption so as to keep your log in action safe.
The only problem is that i found it really uncomfortable doing the payment in SiteGround . Unlike others, you have to check via ID number, not Paypal. And the cost of using is even higher than the Stable Host with just a few of discount programs.

5. Hawk Host

Hawk host

There are many locations for you to choose while using this stable service. For Vietnamese websites, the location should be in Singapore  and for those English ones, the location is in Los Angeles with a super huge server, speed which run smooth and fast. The Hawk Host unlimits the domain, it has a really high-data disk ( the lowest is 10.000MB ), professional Cpanel and easy use for newbies.
The Hawk Host doesn’t use Live Chat, i think this is their biggest minor. Though you have to contact them by tickets, they will reply you in a short time.
Now, Hawk  Host is having a very special discount, with just $2,24/month, the Shared service without any limitation of domain belongs to you.

In Conclusion

Here are some of my review about best Foreign Website Hosting Services ever. Within a suitable finance, don’t be affraid to use WP Engine, A2 Hosting. And for the newbies, don’t miss the SiteGround, Stable Host or Hawk Host. Good luck to you in your way to find a perfect WHS for your websites.

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