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Affiliate Revival Review – Brand New Strategy for Passive Affiliate Channels

Affiliate Revival Review

Brand New Strategy for Passive Affiliate Channels

Affiliate Revival Review

SEO is getting harder and harder with constantly updated Google ranking algorithms and the fierce competition between marketers. That is the reason why people often spend huge sums of money on ads and other types of paid traffic. Unfortunately, the high investment does not guarantee stable incomes, and many people have to abandon the dream of a successful affiliate marketing career.

However, the Internet is vast, and some famous experts have discovered some innovative methods to get free but targeted traffic. One of them is Stefan Ciancio. Being a six-figure marketer, he and his team have developed a strategy that can build passive income channels for any vendors, even if they are complete newbies. That ground-breaking method will be revealed in a course named Affiliate Revival.

Affiliate Revival Rating
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– No product creation, earning commissions by promoting affiliate offers
– Straight-forward tutorial
– Backed by real-case studies
– Everyone can learn and use it
– Complete passive income channels
– Build huge email lists
– Work on any niches

Affiliate Revival Review – Overview

Trainer Stefan Ciancio
Trainng Course Affiliate Revival
Launch Date 2018-Jul-05
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $15
Skill Level Needed No Skills Necessary
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Support Effective Response
Recommend Highly Recommend

What is Affiliate Revival?

I’m a real member, so, let me show you!

Affiliate Revival Review

Affiliate Revival is a case study conducted by a team of six-figure marketers. The method they concluded from this study helps them to build passive free-traffic machines for any niches. Driving all organic traffic, these machines also guarantee high numbers of profits in monthly affiliate commissions.

The strategy is compiled into a step-by-step guide so that everyone can easily learn and apply it in their affiliate campaigns. The learners will not have to spend tons of money on ads like other traditional methods.

About the Author

Stefan Ciancio and his partner Greg Kononenko have worked together for a long time in several launches and are famous instructors in online marketing. Using experience accumulated through real campaigns, their training courses have helped lots of beginners to kickstart their marketing careers. Now, they teamed up again to present the method created by Kopi Topaz. A long-time follower will expect some interesting knowledge from this team.

What Are the Features of Affiliate Revival?

Step-by-step Tutorial

In this course, the learners will be taught the steps they need to make money right away. By completing these steps, even a newbie can set up passive affiliate channels in a few minutes.

No Product Creation

Using the strategy of Affiliate Revival, you will earn thousand dollars of affiliate commissions through other people’s goods. You do not need to spend money and effort to create a quality product to sell.

Free but Organic Traffic

Affiliate Revival allows the learners to drive traffic from cheap or completely free sources. The most expensive sources only cost $10 per month compared to hundred dollars you must spend on Facebook or Google ads. However, this traffic contains actual buyers so that the vendors can reach high conversion rates. As a result, the users can maximize their investment while limiting expenses.

Passive Affiliate Income Channel

The strategy taught by Affiliate Revival helps the users to build passive income channel with ease. If you do the tasks properly, the traffic will be automatically driven to your affiliate links, giving you passive affiliate commissions while you are doing virtually nothing.

Safe and Legal Method

Some methods promise to bring you traffic but in reality, they use illegitimate practices such as spams. People following them will get their businesses destroyed quickly. On the other hand, Affiliate Revival only uses legit sources and approved methods to drive traffic from them. Therefore, you can build a stable and sustainable career with it.


There is no prior requirement for a student to study Affiliate Revival. Everyone can understand the contents of the detailed guide and apply them without any marketing knowledge or technical skills.

Fit Any Niches

The method has been tested by Stefan and Greg in various affiliate campaigns across various niches. For that reason, a marketer can be assured about the applicability of this method in their businesses.

Proven by Real Campaigns

Affiliate Revival has consistently generated thousand dollars in passive monthly incomes while requiring limited investment. You can check the proof of these campaigns in the contents of the course. Moreover, copying these footprints will be a quick and solid way to ignite your affiliate marketing career.

Low Investment, High Reward

The users do not have to spend lots of money or work hard for the results. Instead, they can earn massive profits with only a few dollars in expenses.

How to Use It?

Step 1: Pick an arbitrary affiliate offer

Step 2: Go through the tutorial and repeat the necessary steps to set up passive traffic channels for your offers.

Step 3: Enjoy the traffic, leads, and commissions coming to you on autopilot

Why Should You Choose Affiliate Revival?

Suitable for Beginners or Marketers with Low Budgets

One of the standing out features of Affiliate Revival is that it does not require excessive investment in terms of money and time to work. Prior skills or knowledge are also unnecessary. Thus, it is an attractive option for newbies or people who are struggling with online marketing because they cannot spend much money on paid traffic.

With only a few dozen bucks, you can get several hundred dollars in return. The method fits any niches, so you can build multiple passive traffic channels and scale up your profits.

Earning Satisfying Affiliate Incomes

Affiliate Revival is a proven method and has been tested in various campaigns by six-figure marketers. It consistently produces satisfying profits, leads, and new buyers by exploiting organic traffic. If you follow the tutorial precisely, you can effortlessly replicate the same outcome.

Price: Front-End & OTO

Affiliate Revival has 1 Front-End & 3 OTO’s:

Front-End – Affiliate Revival ($15) >>> See Detail <<<

The real case study on how to consistently turn $10 in spending to $130 in profits and how to build passive incomes channels that creates huge lists of organic email leads.

OTO 1 – Affiliate Revival Software ($37) >>> See Detail <<<

This bundle contains an advanced software that can automatically handle graphics and contents of marketing campaigns.

OTO 2 – Affiliate Revival Coaching($67) >>> See Detail <<<

A huge collection of DFY contents used in successful product launches, including offers, squeeze pages, graphics, thank-you pages, ads, etc.

OTO 3 – Affiliate Revival Reseller ($37) >>> See Detail <<<

Reseller license of all contents in the front-end version

All options are granted 14 days of unconditional refunds.

Pros and Cons


  • No product creation, earning commissions by promoting affiliate offers
  • Straight-forward tutorial
  • Backed by real-case studies
  • Everyone can learn and use it
  • Complete passive income channels
  • Build huge email lists
  • Work on any niches


  • No significant weakness


Nowadays, it is challenging to get a proper position in online marketing. There are simply too many people participating in the field. Obsolete methods require marketers to spend enormous amounts of money on ads, to work long hours, to invest heavily in product and content creation, or to do a lot of freelancing, etc.

Online marketing is not like that. After all, a lot of us abandon normal jobs so that we can spend more time and stamina for what we love. Fortunately, there are pioneers who always seek new strategies to make affiliate marketing easier. In my opinion, Stefan and his team have achieved this goal with Affiliate Revival. With the ability to create passive income channels for any niches, you can enjoy a new foundation of your career.  This is the end of my Affiliate Revival Review. Thank you for reading!

Affiliate Revival Review

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Affiliate Revival Review

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