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5 Marketing Automation Trends In 2017 – You Should Know

2017 – A Year of Nourishment

The advancement of technology has eliminated a large amount of time and effort that the marketers need to spend on their campaigns. Automation marketing has no longer been a new term. And never before have we seen such a nourishment of marketing automation as we are now experiencing in 2017. And here are 5 marketing automation trends in 2017 that every marketer should be aware of.

Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends in 2017

Massive integration

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The significance of the autoresponders has been appreciated more than ever. Especially in email marketing campaigns, such tools as Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contac, or Mail Chimp have dominated the market. However, the term “integration” does not restrict to email marketing.

In fact, “integration” in 2017, with the ultimate purpose of generating more leads, also means the synchronization and connection of the social media accounts. According to a report from Ascend2, about 40% of the businesses this year consider their digital channels as the dominating success barriers for lead and sales boost.

It’s fair to say that optimal use of marketing automation significantly depends on how massive the integration is. It allows for the synchronization between different campaigns and different social channels.

With a proper degree of integration, businesses can offer consistent interaction with their target customers. Over the long run, developing social media marketing can help the business to retain and reinforce customers’ engagement and loyalty.

User-centered UX/UI

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The landing page, promotion website, membership site, everything is striving for a mobile-responsive and user-friendly UX/UI design. This trend is understandable because 2017 is the year of smartphones and tablet. With the increasing number of people using mobile devices, the design must come along to make the site easy to read and navigate.

A website that is mobile-friendly is user-friendly at some points. A proper design is also a mean that helps the business to streamline their message. Some other trends relating to the design are interactive content, chatbot, and virtual site assistant. These tools are very helpful in getting the company’s offers across to the customers.

The design also affects how effectively a business can communicate with their customers on their website. Undoubtedly, if the visitors find it easy to navigate on the page and manipulate the features, there’s a higher likelihood for the business to increase the revenue from their offers.

User behavior tracking

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The year of 207 has witnessed a thrive with this trend. And you should expect to analyze more sophisticated data in the months to come. Such behavior-tracking techniques as split testing and conversion rate optimization are being scrutinized. They provide the predictive analysis on which leads are more likely to convert into sales and when.

And when you can segment and target your customers into prospect group based on their behavior, you can increase the chance of success. It’s like striking on the right iron when it’s hot. It’d be a big miss if we don’t include this trend in the top marketing automation trends in 2017.

With elaborate behavior tracking effort, marketers can serve the customers with the right offers at the right time. Eventually, they can fulfill the customers’ need, acquire customers’ satisfaction and retention.

Live video marketing

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Livestreams and webinars are now becoming more and more popular. You can see the livestream features on many social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat. And by combining the livestream/webinars with giveaways, discounts, promotional campaigns, etc., the company can enjoy a higher level of exposure.

Also, with the help of a well-constructed landing page, live videos can work at their best to give you a boost in social engagement and traffic. More and more companies are now trying to be creative with this trend.

Live video marketing campaigns often include a great deal of information to provide the customers with. Thus, more than often you will see the video last more than one hour. This kind of campaign, however, is considered as a cost-effective way to reaching out to the customers.

Incentive programs

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Loyalty programs are helpful for encouraging the customers to come back. And we all know that the best customers are the recurring ones. Much as important as customer acquisition, increasing the patronage contribute a major percentage of the revenue.

Many marketers create incentive programs in which they reward their customers with the appealing subscription packages. And even though this is no longer a new tactic, the use of it has become more popular than ever.

In 2017, the use of personal and storytelling connections is highly appreciated. They are comprehensive solutions for both customer retention and lead generation. Everyone loves these programs; this win-win strategy can thus efficiently bring about an enhancement in brand image’s exposure.

The bottom line

Above are the top 5 marketing automation trends in 2017, I hope you find it helpful to know. In a nutshell, the optimization of a marketing campaign calls for a harmony of different automation tactics. It’s thus important to know what are the trends to relate your marketing work with and sketch out the proper action plans for your campaigns.

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