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Just to Clarify 5 Marketing Automation Trends for 2017

Just to Clarify 5 Marketing Automation Trends for 2017


Today, one of the marketing tools shows the potential in the business – marketing automation. According to the report from Hubspot, the number of the qualified leads can reach up to 451 percent when using this system.

This number has constantly increased when marketing automation does not stop to launch the new software. The purpose is to develop the business process. So, what does it actually mean? Let’s see!!!

All-Round 5 Marketing Automation Trends in 2017 You Need to Go Over

In fact, there are 5 marketing automation trends that you can pocket when making business.

The Effectiveness and Importance of Digital Marketing

In the recent years, the marketers are approaching the digital world in a scientific way. With this marketing trend, the data becomes reliable when being analyzed exactly. From there, each of the customers is maximized the value time to time.

Don’t stop! The users can practically utilize it so as to create the marketing process including many channels, aside from gathering the digital information.

All in all, the customers are satisfied and decide to continue supporting your business. It makes sure the revenue that will be steadily increased.

The Dissemination by Marketing Automation

By what means can I do the predictive marketing as well as the behavioral profiling? Yes, there has an only way – use the online data. The huge sets of the data – the Big Data are composed of 3 variables (Volume/ Velocity/ Variety) to describe.

Remember that expanding the data is necessary. It enables you to get the information of the groups or individuals with the best quality.

Not only the marketing processes automated but the automation also transferred to a higher level helps you easily communicate with those who have registered, both the present, future, and past.

Yes, there is the result of analyzing and predicting via the Big Data.

The Benefits coming from Data Integration

Each of us cannot determine how the mobile revolution will change while the great number of the customer accessing the Wi-Fi in order to look for the availability of the items and the most beneficial cost for themselves.

Instead of fighting it, you have another option – use it as a strategic weapon. Look at, there are the marketing automation platforms with the mobile form, mobile apps, and small devices installed on the smartphones (beacons) so as to define an outstanding location in the arsenal yours.

On the other hand, it also needs to have the offline channel. It involves the behavior in the store, along with an ally – beacons. In particular, either the radio jingles or TV spots – media ads can be an online-researching impulse.

With the marketers, the difficult-to-avoid challenge is the data integration that the mentioned channels bring. As what the professionals pointed, the software and Big Data have the ability to analyze the omnichannel data and solve the integration problem.

The Position Strengthened with Mobile Marketing

If the virtual-and-augmented reality capacities have been explored by the mobile world since 2016, these trends become deeper in 2017. The purpose is to provide a better experience to the users.

In addition to the improvement of the beacon technology, integrating the platforms helps to support the mobile marketing. Consequently, the channels will be interested anymore. The technologies are created to meet the needs of the consumers.

The Cheapest Cost by Email Marketing

Whatever the losses come from the different reasons, email marketing still shows its important role. Even, it is actually difficult to make it leave your stage.

For the majority of the users and customers, email marketing is a communication channel that is cheap and efficient. Nevertheless, time to time, the new thing has gradually replaced the old one. Email marketing brings a firm innovation.

You will not see the spam emails while the segmentation of the database links to email marketing in a close way and the sent content is personalized. Depending on the participation and interest level of the users, it masters the segmentation of the database and distinguishes the content.

Furthermore, to observe your progress, you can learn how to measure the vital indicators by adding the list and the point.

In a Nutshell

Above are the top 5 marketing automation trends in 2017, I hope you find it helpful to know. In a nutshell, the optimization of a marketing campaign calls for a harmony of different automation tactics. What are the trends to relate your marketing work with and sketch out the proper action plans for your campaigns? This one is very important to know.

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